Introduction to the Polyester Yarn Quality Control Department of SIRANG

The Quality Control Lab at SIRANG controls and evaluates all parameters and indices of products such as measurable characteristics of yarns (e.g., linear density, tenacity of yarn), breaking force, elongation, yarn shrinkage due to specific heat operations, intermingle, spin finish oil (OPU), unevenness of yarn (Oster) and visual parameters (e.g., color shade, broken filament and pile, and yarn wrapping pattern on bobbins.

Quality Control Lab

At the polyester yarn quality control lab, the parameters of products are evaluated regularly by skilled experts using accurate and state-of-the-art equipment. In each manufacturing shift, the products are randomly sampled under predefined instructions to measure the technical parameters. If even one parameter does not meet SIRANG standards (mostly adapted from the latest international and national standards, and customer demands), the manufacturing department is notified of the issue immediately to fix the fault. If the issue is not handled effectively, the manufacturing of the product is discontinued until the process is modified.

Color control

SIRANG manufactures products in a unique, remarkable diversity of colors. The yarn colors are continuously controlled by skilled experts using modern color control equipment. In case of a color mismatch, the manufacturing department is immediately notified to make a change, and the manufacturing of the color-mismatched product is stopped. The quality control documents, statistical data, and test data are archived to be available when needed.

Tests that can be performed on polyester thread in the syringe laboratory

  • Linear density test
  • Spin finish or OPU percentage test
  • Test to determine the amount of warp in spun yarns (TFY or TFO)
  • Test to determine the evenness of yarn
  • Shrinkage of yarn test
  • Testing the strength (resistance) of the thread to the point of tearing
  • The test of increasing the length of the yarn to the point of tearing
  • The test to determine the number of knotting points (Mingle) of the thread

Laboratory perspective

Sirang company is the holder of international standard laboratory management system certificates to be present in global markets

  •  iso iec 17025
  •  iso 9001
  •  iso 14001
  •  ISO 45001
  •  ISO 10668
  •  And the mark of Iran’s national standard for POY FDY DTY yarns.