Colors, like the yarn’s delicacy
SIRANG is honored to be chosen by thousands of esteemed customers and businesses in light of its product diversity. We are proud to announce that our customers are our business partners, and this is not just a motto.
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SIRANG Group in Yazd Province manufactures over 12 polyester and polypropylene yarn types and cardboard and plastic (normal and dyeing) bobbins.

Types of Yarns

Types of Bobbins


What Makes SIRANG Different

SIRANG began operation in 1994. Relying on technical know-how and skilled staff, it is one of the largest manufacturers of polyester and polypropylene yarns.

In light of its long history, SIRANG is a major business partner of Shahid Tondguyan Petrochemical Company.

SIRANG is a well-known manufacturer of over 12 yarn types in thousands of colors and a wide range of yarn deniers. This product diversity and quality have made SIRANG a major manufacturer in the textile industry.

Color Diversity with over 3000 Colors

Employing advanced equipment, SIRANG manufactures super bright and semi-dull yarns in raw white, black, and colorful, providing dope-dyed yarns in over 3000 colors. The products can be customized to enable customers to order exactly what they need.

Collaborating laboratory of the national standard organization

ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. It ensures that laboratories can perform testing and calibration effectively, accurately, and reliably. This standard certifies that a laboratory is accurate enough and can provide high-quality services.

Over 30 Years of Business

Three decades of tireless efforts (since 1994) have made SIRANG one of the largest textile hubs in the Middle East. SIRANG has 1200 employees and supports 4000 external jobs, contributing efficiently to employment and social welfare. It has an annual manufacturing capacity of 99,000 tons and can meet domestic and international demands for yarn.

SIRANG Cooperative Manufacturing Company

SIRANG has been active in manufacturing polyester and polypropylene yarns for more than 30 years and plays a leading role in the textile industry of the Middle East.

SIRANG, the Knowledge enterprise company has increased its manufacturing capacity in recent years and not only played a key role in regional employment, but also, became a textile hub in the Middle East. It has 1200 employees and supports 4000 external jobs, making a substantial contribution to the economy and social welfare of the region.

With an annual manufacturing capacity of 99,000 tons, SIRANG can meet domestic and international demands under international standards.

Orders in SIRANG

SIRANG is committed to deliver your orders as fast as possible.


Order registration

You can contact us on how to place your orders or ask about our products. SIRANG operators always provide support and answer your questions eagerly. Please ensure that you have checked the entire catalog before contacting us so you can make the right inquiry.


If your order is not in stock, it will be put on the manufacturing queue. It takes time to manufacture an order. SIRANG ensures that the orders are delivered as fast as possible.

Fast Delivery

The delivery process includes collection, packaging, timing, and shipping. This is performed using efficient packing and transportation methods to ensure the soundness of items delivered.

Customer Services

Customers may sometimes be dissatisfied with their purchase. SIRANG operators receive feedback from customers to track and handle any possible shortcomings.

To help us provide better services, please respond to our customer survey questions below. Fill out the customer survey form


SIRANG was recognized as the Top Cooperative Company of the Year in 2023 by the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare in Iran

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