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You can contact us on how to place your orders or ask about our products. SIRANG operators always provide support and answer your questions eagerly. Please ensure that you have checked the entire catalog before contacting us so you can make the right inquiry. Before calling, please make sure that you have looked at all the details of the catalog, and that you have carefully checked the technical information of the product you are considering (including grade, filament, color code, etc.); So that you can make your request correctly.



If your order is not in stock, it will be put on the manufacturing queue. It takes time to manufacture an order. SIRANG ensures that the orders are delivered as fast as possible. Of course, our best effort is to produce and deliver all orders in the shortest possible time.


Fast delivery of the order

Fast Delivery: The delivery process includes collection, packaging, timing, and shipping. This is performed using efficient packing and transportation methods to ensure the soundness of items delivered.


Customer Services:

Customers may sometimes be dissatisfied with their purchase. SIRANG operators receive feedback from customers to track and handle any possible shortcomings .