In the Sirang quality control laboratory, all parameters of the manufactured products, including measurable characteristics of yarn such as yarn density, strength, rupture force, elongation, shrinkage due to heat treatment, intermingle, oil percentage, yarn weight unevenness, as well as visual parameters such as color shade, lint, and free filament, the thread twisted on the spindle, are controlled and evaluated.

Video of Introducing Sirang Quality Control Lab

To develop and improve the quality, Sirang Company establishes and implements the international standard of ISO/IEC 17025 (Lab Quality Management Standard) in its laboratory and has succeeded in obtaining the relevant certificate from the National Accreditation Center of Iran and the National Organization for Standardization to take another effective step in the field of quality and laboratory services as a reference laboratory and a partner of the Standards Institute.

Introduction of Sirang quality control laboratory

In the quality control unit of Yazd syringe factories, all products are continuously evaluated by the best experts in terms of various parameters using the most accurate and latest equipment. In each production shift, a random sample is determined according to the instructions and all the physical characteristics of the yarn are measured. If even one of the cases does not comply with the existing standards (mainly in accordance with international standards, national standards of Iran, and other standards set by the customer), the production unit will be immediately informed to resolve the defect of the product being produced. Failure in doing so will prevent the product from being produced and may even cause the production line to be shut down.

Color control

Regarding the high color diversity of the products, which is unique, the color control of the produced yarns is continuously conducted with high sensitivity and by experienced personnel, using modern color recognition devices. In case of discrepancies, the production unit will be immediately informed to stop the line and correct the defect. The non-compliant product will be packaged in a completely separate way.

It is worth mentioning all statistical data and quality documentation of products are recorded in the form of the results of product quality tests to be presented to the customer if necessary or referred to by the organization upon request.

Tests that can be performed on polyester yarn in the Sirang lab