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POY filament Yarn is one of the products of the Sirang co-operative company
(The largest producer of various types of polyester and polypropylene threads)
Here you will get familiar about this type of fiber and its production process:

POY or semi-dyed yarn

Partially Oriented Yarn refers to a thread that is produced in the form of a semi-textured molecular structure due to its polymer structure. Which causes an increase in length in the product.

Typically, POY are either combined with other yarns (so-called ITYs) or converted into stitches and texturized at texturizing companies.

This type of yarn is produced with the use of semi-opaque and bright polyester chips (PET) using the latest and newest machines in white and colored.  (Using colored bead master batches), so there is no need to be colored in next levels.

POY(Partially Oriented Yarn) usage

This type of yarn can be used as a base for the production of all types of texturized yarns (DTY, ITY, and ATY) and all types of draw threads (FDY).

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How to order

If you are willing to order please visit the contact us section of the web site or fill the online ordering form.

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