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MELANGE Yarn is one of the products of the SIRANG CO-operative company
(The largest producer of various types of polyester and polypropylene threads)
Here you will get familiar about this type of fiber and its production process:


This type of yarn is made up of two or more different yarns of different colors.

In conclusion, mix of two different colors, contrasting, creates a new color combination that brings a special effect and eye-catching fabric.

In Sirang Company, the fibers are mixed exactly together in the beginning of the wrapping process. As a result the melange yarns produced in high quality

melange yarn

Usage of melange threads

Melange yarns are used in the manufacture of cloth fabrics,
for example , cloth and cloth molding for the production of warm and sports clothes, t-shirts, overalls, household linen and … .

Other usages of the MELANGE thread are in the automotive industry and as car seat covers.

How to order or sale

If you are willing to order please visit the contact us section of the web site or fill the online ordering form.

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