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LYCRA Yarn or spandex is one of the products of the SIRANG CO-operative company
(The largest producer of various types of polyester and polypropylene threads)
Here you will get f,amiliar about this type of fiber and its production process:


The Lycra yarn, spandex yarn, or elastane yarn is a type of urethane-based synthetic fiber called Polyurethane.

spandex yarn (elastic) is made from a combination of polyester yarn and cache.

This type of yarn is added to the fabric in the production process and gives it an elastic property.

Fabrics made of this kind of yarns have a great elasticity.

Lycra yarn or spandex

specification of spandex Yarn

The spandex from the word expands means expanding. The spandex yarn is extremely durable and has a stretching ability up to 5 times of its normal length and does not damage tissue texture, which is why these threads are used in the fabric industry for the production of a variety of elastic clothing, hence, The cache comes back to its original state if it stretch. Even if the fabric with this type of yarn is washed with very hot water, after drying the fabric no changes in its size and texture will be created.

Usage of Lycra yarn

Spandex is used in the production of all types of clothing, such as socks, gloves, sports clothing and aerobics, shirt fabrics, stretch fabric, crepe and bandage.

How to order or sale

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