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BCF Yarn is one of the products of the Sirang co-operative company
(The largest producer of various types of polyester and polypropylene threads)
Here you will get familiar about this type of fiber and its production process:

BCF Yarn (Bulked Continuous Filament)

A kind of filamentous yarn with bulky filaments, the raw material is polypropylene.

These types of yarns are in large bulk but not of springy in nature.

They are substitute for acrylic and wool yarns in manufacturing machine woven carpets, carpet cover, and so on.

Polypropylene fiber

After cotton and polyester, Polypropylene fibers are the third most sought in textile industry. Produced by polymerization of propylene as a linear polymer, called p.p.

The material of the B.C.F yarn is melted at a temperature of 180 to 220 degrees and produces filaments. By making these filaments in one package, good stretching and good sanding, yarn is made.

Among the advantages of bcf yarn, using B.C.F yarn in the production of carpet cuase the unevenness of the carpet, because the fiber is not easily removed from the carpet due to the continuity of the fiber.

Usage of BCF Yarn

The use of BCF yarns can be found in the carpet manufacturing industry, all types of substructures, carpets, rugs, carpets, carpets, yarns, flooring, cellar and lounge furniture.

Also, these yarns are used for other threads that require yarns of high volumetricity and coating coefficient.

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