Flexibility Of Production In The Products Of SIRANG Co.

The production lines of Sirang company are capable of producing various polyester and polypropylene yarns.

Also, depending on the type of used chips and the equipment we can produce glossy (super-bright) and semi-fade (semi-dull) yarns in colorless, white, black or colored types and the amount of produced yarns by this unit depends on customer’s order.

Product overview

The products of this company have a broad range of grades, filaments. they come in a variety of over 2500 different colors.

It is worth noting that the production of specific products is possible according to customer requirements.

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The flexibility of producing yarns, polyester and polypropylene fibers of SIRANG Co. is as follows:

Produced yarn weight varies from 70 to 100 tons per day.

Sirang products are used for various industrial and non-industrial uses, all kinds of textiles and carpets, and due to its quality, it has the ability to compete in global markets.

The lab and quality control unit of the Sirang factory is equipped with a variety of measuring instruments, and some parameters such as dampness of chips, strength, and length of yarns, the percentage of draining, the number of intermingle, and etc.

is repeatedly measured and controlled.

Sirang company has ISO 9001 certificate of Tow Rolled Co.

Iran-Germany and ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS from LMS, as well as 10004 customer satisfaction management systems from the Nobel Company.