Introduction To SIRANG Co.

Sirang Manufacturing Company was established in 1994 on a site of 90000 Square meters. In accordance with the employment goals of Yazd province and improving the quality of life of people in nearby cities such as Yazd and Ashkezar, Sirang has been able to create 600 jobs directly and 2500 jobs indirectly. Today, Sirang is one of the major textile manufacturing companies in the Middle East and produces various types of yarn with a production capacity of 72100 tons per year. By following the development and expansion roadmaps, the company envisions to triple the production level and create 800 new jobs which will play an important role in improving the productivity level of the region.

Sirang can produce different types of yarns including POY, FDY, DTY, BCF, TFO, LYCRA and cardboard spindles as well, by raw material sourcing from local and foreign suppliers.

Sirang has fulfilled the domestic market demand and at the same time, has contributed to the revenue of country by direct export to Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Egypt and Tunisia and indirect export (due to imposed economic sanctions) to Belgium and Italy.

The company's board of directors are determined to pursue producing qualified and knowledge-based products and increase the company’s share in local and global markets through skilled, creative and young workforce of the company.